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Color Matters


Does your brand get lost in a sea of competitors? How do you stand out? Are you proud of the look of your brand?

Let me ask you this…How did you choose your COLORS for your brand? Did you say, “Purple is my favorite color, so that’s the color for my brand!”

You may be watching your competitors soar while you gaze from the sidelines. Do you have brand envy of your competitors?

Your clients may not be connecting with you because you have the wrong colors! Color psychology is a real thing.

93% of buyers will purchase based on visual appearance, and 85% of shoppers say that color is the primary reason why they buy a specific product.

Color matters.

Do your colors connect with your audience? How do you know? How do you choose the right colors?

We use color psychology to build all of our brands.

Recently, one of our clients’ brand was featured on the Leadpages Blog. Leadpages is the #1 landing page software for business. Our client made Leadpages’ Top 10 Favorite Pages from August 2016! Check them out…they are #6 on the list. Leadpages comments about what they liked? THE COLOR PALETTE!

We were very purposeful when choosing their colors, rooted in psychology.

How does this color palette make you feel?


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