Finally! Branding….simplified! You now will have access to our secret vault and all the tools we use when we help entrepreneurs build a brand and business owners rebrand for profitable growth! You will get everything from checklists, to strategy plans, to surveys, to shortcuts, to processes and procedures … everything that we use to build the best brands!

Good News…
I am going to give you access to all of our checklists, strategy plans, and processes that we use when we brand a company.

We understand that a brand goes beyond just a logo and website. In order to build a profitable brand, you can’t just put up a website and hope that sales come in. There has to be a process, a strategy behind your brand. Even those of you that have a current brand, you might ask yourself…

  • Are you CONNECTING with your clients?
  • Are you working too hard for little results?

I know this problem all too well. I bought a franchise at the age of 30 and thought…this will be EASY! Franchises already have an established brand. I just have to plug and play! WRONG! Sure, we may have had a logo and a website and a few locations under our belt, but we were far from being a successful brand. The problem was not the art (or design) behind our brand, the problem was the SCIENCE behind the brand. I will just say, well, there was no science, no strategy, no real way to connect with potential clients. When I realized our weakness, and knew I did not have any control over that weakness, I knew I had to get out! (Don’t get me wrong, I love the franchise model…when done right).

Perhaps you can relate!

Maybe you are an entrepreneur with the next big idea, but you just are not sure how to go from idea to brand. Sometimes this takes people months, even more than a year to figure out and by then, they are broke! You see all of the money that they thought would come in, never did because they never were able to create a brand that connected with their clients.

Or, maybe you are a startup and you have already started the process, but need that next push to push you into massive success!

You could even be a business owner now that may just need a refresh of your brand in order to expand your marketing footprint, or attract more investors.

Whatever your situation, we understand and can help you!

After my franchise, I promised myself that my next adventure would be my own company, one where I could build the brand that I always envisioned.

So I did some research…okay A LOT of research and what I found was a bunch of stuff on how to legally start a company, how to write a business plan, blah blah blah blah blah…I thought, “Anyone can start a company, but not everyone can build a brand!” I always thought that there was both an art and science behind branding, so I set out to discover the “science” behind it all.

What I discovered was nothing short of amazing!

We found that there is a true psychology behind branding and there is direct relation between success and building a brand through this “science.” So, we tested it. We tested it not only with our own companies, but created side companies and tested it too. Once we felt like we had this whole mystery solved, we started helping others do the same.

And guess what? Their results were nothing short of amazing too! So, we decided to open up our internal “vault” to give access to so many entrepreneurs and business owners out there seeking to not just start a company, but build a brand for profit, for success, for growth.

We call this “Brand On Demand” because that is exactly what it is for you “on demand,” whenever you want it. Brand On Demand will give you access to our checklists, strategy worksheets, and processes.

We Understand

We understand that a lot of time and effort goes into the creation of your idea, product, or service. So, don’t just cross your fingers and hope you attract your clients. When you are building your foundation, you will want access to our:

  • Brand Archetype Assessment
  • Brand Archetype Execution Plans
  • Learn our proven SCIENCE behind branding and how it will actually ATTRACT customers to you!
  • Confused where to start? We guide you step-by-step through the process so you don’t have to worry about missing anything!
  • How you can still implement your brand even if you are in direct sales and sell a product for an already branded company.
  • Why you don’t have to pay an agency 6 figures for your brand
  • Our definition of a brand and why most people are shocked when they hear it!
  • The one secret you must consider when developing your brand. Without this, you could fail and end up spending too much money!
  • Learn your exact brand archetype so you know what look and feel is appropriate for your business.
  • The secret marketing and advertising firms won’t tell you about branding. Many pay 5 figures just for this research alone and we are going to reveal it all here.
  • and so much more!

Or perhaps you need the perfect way to communicate your brand. We’ve got you covered there too! Access our:

  • 17 Point Website Checklist that you can hand to any web designer to create the best website for you (or perhaps you are building your own)
  • Your Brand Voice and how to use it to sell anything
  • With our method, you will always send a consistent message and have a consistent look. We take the guesswork out of it.
  • We give you all of the tools to create a logo that is professional and will connect with your customers!
  • Learn how to create a catchy business name that people will not forget!
  • We will teach you about “What’s In A Name” to ensure you name your brand correctly that won’t have financial tragedies in the future.
  • Learn the one website that you must know in order to ensure you don’t name your brand something that is already taken.
  • You will get our best resources for finding a graphic designer to produce your brand logo, and you won’t spend a fortune!
  • and more!

If brand marketing is what you need help with, well we are here for you!

  • Your Launch (or Re-launch) Event Timeline
  • Our Marketing Collateral Checklist – everything you need for your brand
  • Your Customer Campaign Plan
  • and much much more!

You get this ALL with Brand On Demand
Just $497 – Lifetime Access

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