I was working with an author today and we had this EXACT conversation that Gary Vee talks about in his article.


Sure – you have to sell something, but if you don’t have a professional-looking brand, or you don’t have the RIGHT brand (one that is actually going to connect with your audience), then you don’t get the luxury of charging premium pricing! The fact that people don’t get this…well…It’s kind of a shame, really.

Look folks – it happens all of the time! When was the last time you thought about purchasing a product or service, went to someone’s website and changed your mind (because of the look and feel of their brand). Did you know that 93% of purchasing decisions from online influence.

Most of the time we make these decisions unconsciously. This is the PRECISE reason why we teach building brands by tapping into your audience’s unconscious mind!

Hey look, you don’t necessarily have to take my word for it. I literally wrote the book (a No. 1 International Best-Seller) on branding and we take an approach that NO ONE else does. We have tons of testimonials from clients, readers, and those who have heard me speak. They actually GET IT!

We take traditional thinking and we flip it on it’s head. We take traditional marketing and branding strategies and apply SCIENCE! Why? Because IT WORKS and you can GET RESULTS this way!

Read Gary Vee’s article and then respond YES if you want a free copy of my book! I am happy to send it to you so that you can see how it should be done if you want to make a impact with your business!

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